To give players the opportunity to quickly find out news about the development of R Mahjong and Mahjong AI, telegram channels of R Mahjong app have been launched:

Telegram channels R Mahjong

Telegram channels R Mahjong

When creating the R Mahjong application support site, some attention was paid to creating demo materials that demonstrate mahjong application work. Particular attention was paid to gif animation. A large number of such materials are available on

Riichi Mahjong Animation

In the process of creating the R Mahjong app, a lot of graphic materials were created. Many of them have not yet been used in the R Mahjong app itself and on this website. In particular, on the website I posted images showing all the available yaku in mahjong. My profile on behance

Mahjong Yaku Images

There is a discussion on about the R Mahjong application. The advantage of a mahjong application with a strong mahjong AI is considered. A system for collecting and analyzing game statistics is considered. The main point of discussion is how the R Mahjong app will allow you to become stronger at Mahjong.

Riichi Mahjong app with strong AI