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R Mahjong is a Japanese mahjong (riichi mahjong) game for four players with powerful AI.

  • Strong mahjong AI. Stable Dan 6.8 - 7.0 (Tenho Stable Dan).
  • This AI is stronger than 99.7% of mahjong players on tenhou.net
  • Training mahjong game mode with hints from the AI.
  • Detailed mahjong game statistics.
  • The rules basically correspond to the standard Japanese ones (with open tanyao, red fives, atozuke ari, atamahane)
  • Support for multiple interface languages (English and Japanese).
  • Record and replay the game (step by step and automatic mode). View from the perspective of any of the players.
  • The game in the local network (via Wi-Fi). You can play mahjong anywhere.
  • You can play with any combination of people and bots.
  • Switching advertising types according to individual preferences.
  • Totally free.

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