Version 2.0 of the R Mahjong app for four players has been released. This version will delight players with major changes.

Firstly, R Mahjong is now equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence for playing mahjong based on neural networks. R Mahjong AI uses CNN for five models (discard model, chi model, pon model, riichi model and kan model). A machine learning approach is used to train the model. The trained model is used to make decisions in the Mahjong game. I will tell you the technical details of the AI I created in another post.

How strong is this AI? It’s hard to say for sure. In the game against Akochan, this AI showed almost the same results as Akochan. At the same time, tests of Akochan vs. Bakuuchi showed that Akocan was significantly better than Bakuuchi in terms of game strength. Overall, it can be said that the mahjong AI in R Mahjong is at least as strong as Bakuuchi.

With the release of the new version, the R Mahjong application has acquired a completely new quality. It’s no secret that despite the presence of online servers for playing mahjong, there is a problem with gaming practice and the presence of sufficiently strong opponents. This problem is especially acute for players outside of Japan. R Mahjong offers its solution to the problem of gaming practice.

With R Mahjong, the player can immediately start playing mahjong with a strong opponent, which has a positive effect on his game and speeds up his progress.

But that’s not all. R Mahjong not only allows you to practice mahjong against strong opponents, but also provides a practice game mode. In this mode, players can see their opponents’ hands and AI hints. In addition, players can quickly switch between showing and hiding opponents’ hands and AI hints during the game.

Practice mode is a powerful way to improve your mahjong skills. Players can not only see what the AI would do if it played in their place, but also imitate it. It also allows players to see how the game is unfolding and assess what moves their opponents will make. Finally, players can see how the AI ranks the tiles in their hand based on which tiles are more likely to be discarded.

dahai pai probability

In addition to strong mahjong AI, R Mahjong is equipped with a system for collecting and displaying detailed statistics on games played. In fact, not a single aspect of the game of mahjong was left out of the statistics. Finally, it is important to note that not only the player’s game statistics are available, but also the opponents’ games, including the AI. This allows players to compare and analyze their games with those of their AI-controlled opponents.

By carefully studying statistics, players can identify systematic flaws in their play caused by deeply ingrained bad habits and adjust their play accordingly. So maybe you’re collecting too few specific yakus, or you might prefer 1 instead of 9.

pais stat
rating graph

Considering the fact that R Mahjong app is completely free, the new changes in R Mahjong give mahjong players free access to new powerful tools. In other words, R Mahjong is a way to improve your mahjong game.